From winter to summer – Day 50 in OZ


Hello world. Well this did not go as expected.. I initially wanted to regularly report my adventures here in Australia but it turned out that I am just too busy living the moment (and working on my tan).

But right now, a late Sunday afternoon with a thunderstorm approaching, I thought I could use my time to continue this blog. A lot has happened so far and I’ll try to summarise the most interesting parts in case there are people that actually like to read it.

I arrived in Brisbane January 1, yes I spent my new year’s eve on the plane, after a freaking long flight. I flew from Zurich to Abu Dhabi (6.5 hr) and then from there to Brisbane with took another 14 hours. Lucky to get picked up after these exhausting hours me and some other students were driven to Noosa, which is 2h north of Brisbane. We were dropped off at our homestays and I finally got to know my hostfamily, which I’d be staying with for the next 10 weeks until my course is finished. Getting over my jetlag and acclimatising to the new (and hot!) environment took around 1.5 weeks.

About my course: I’m doing the Cambridge Proficiency Diploma (CPE) here at Lexis Noosa, which means that I go to school from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 2pm and sometimes until 3. In the end I will take the exam, which is already in 3 weeks..

Since my arrival, I’ve met a lot of lovely people and gone on amazing adventures. The 2 biggest ones were a long Australia Day weekend in Byron Bay, one day at Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo and a 3 day trip to stunning K’gari, more commonly known as Fraser Island. Pictures and more detailed infos about these three tours will follow soon, promised!



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